Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kentucky - John Calipari, What?

A friend and I were talking about John Calipari, head coach for Kentucky, and he made me take a second look at him.  While I'm not an avid basketball fan, I do know a few simple truths about Kentucky;

1) They have 5 players that went into the FIRST round of the NBA draft,
2) John Calipari does what a lot of coaches do, travels and finds the worlds best,
3) Calipari seems to be a racist at heart, from many of the quotes he's be caught spouting out,
4) Most importantly: Kentucky didn't make it into the Final Four.

Now, Kentucky has so much potential, but they're just being ruined by Calipari, it seems hes just using Kentucky as a stepping stone to get his boys into the NBA.  With the amount of talent on that team, there is no reason they shouldn't be doing better than they are. 

They're also 1-5 on the road with another road game tonight, they know their problems, but don't seem to fix them. Kentucky should win this game vs Arkansas easily, but that's assuming Arkansas let's them do what they want.

Too harsh?  Or is there something I'm just not seeing here. 


  1. Nope, your critique sounds just about right.

  2. No, they're in need of a new coach. I can't think of one, but you're right Kentucky is kind of being limited by Calipari.

  3. Sometimes too much talent is a bad thing. Everyone wants the rock, everyone wants to score. They've been a decent team in years past, I've never liked them though. I guess I don't have much room to talk, however. I'm a Nebraska fan.

  4. Naaa, I would agree with you. Not to harsh at all.

  5. broham4567 got it in one. Too much talent is a bad thing.

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  7. Sucks for that team. :( Their coach might be making some decisions that hold them back a lot.

  8. Can't say I know all that much about Kentucky or the NBA. Nice post though thanks for the enlightenment on this subject.