Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skrim vs DIablo 3... Stay a While and Listen!

Alright so for those who haven't seen, Bethesda released a new and amazing video for Elder Scrolls V: Skrim:
 Bethesda has said that they are planing on releasing it 11/11/2011, just in time for the holidays.

My question is, what are you all more excited for? Diablo 3? or Skyrim?
Now they are completely different games, anyone that's played their predecessors can attest to that.
I'm a HUGE fan of Blizzard's games.  First video games I remember playing on PC were Lemmings, and Warcraft 1.

 I've played Warcraft 1, 2, 3, and Diablo 1, 2, for countless hours.  I've gotten several 90+ characters on d2+LOD (Lord of Destruction expansion) BNET.  Fully geared 5k hp lvl 36 B.O. 7k ww dmg barb with 75% block and full DR, if you don't know what that means... my barbarian was a beast and a half.

I played D2 from 1.08 when Shako's and Valors were bug-imba, 1.09 through the mad insane hacking that was going on, and 1.10 for the rise of the Hammerdin and for over a year after that.  Needless to say, I was a fan.  How many clicks had I clicked for that game? Who knows?

Diablo 3 looks amazing, nerdgasm inducing to anyone who played D2, because it fixes and improves on all those things that bugged you.  Shared stash, team battles, improved combats, more variety, tight boss fights, etc.
Cinematic Trailer for D3:
Gameplay Trailer:

Now I feel there are more Diablo fans than Elder Scrolls fans, but you have to give it a chance.

Elderscrolls III: Morrowind and it's expansions were amazing. The game, without any mods or it's two wonderful expansions: Bloodmoon and Tribunal, is easily 100 hours of gameplay if you just ran through the main quest. The total immersion that game had, was profound. Books on bookshelves with 30+ pages, caves all over the place, dungeons that were massive and had amazing side quests and items to behold.

Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion was a masterpiece, visually, but in some ways lacked. The gameplay on highest settings graphics was in my opinion, as good as most other games cinematic or trailers graphics.  The main quest of Oblivion was probably a solid 80 hours of gameplay the first time through.  Having beaten it 5+ times I could probably cut it down to 50.   The expansions for this game were pretty mediocre, the main one, Shivering Isles, was interesting and fun.

The Elderscrolls games were amazing, but what made them epic, is the mods.  There are literally thousands of player made mods for Morrowind and Oblivion.

Oblivion for instance, has some truly epic mods, Deadly Reflex, and Nehrim probably being my favorites of all.  Deadly Reflex added combat AI and combat moves that you and bots could use, such as shield bash, kick, and dodge, and the part that made it my favorite, the bots used them back and learned from your habits.

Typical Oblivion melee combat made me was to break my mouse: Shield block, *block*, swing swing, *block*.. repeat.  With Deadly Reflex, you spam shield bash, the bot kicks you down and stabs you 5 times, you had to improvise and change your tatics around.

Nehrim was something I came across recently, it was originally made in German with professional voice actors and all, but translated into English and converted, that being said, the voices are all in German, and some of the books/things you find in the world were 'left out' and left in German, but with subtitles it's no problem.

This mod is insane.  It adds a continent that is literally larger than the original Oblivion 'world'.  It adds hundreds if not thousands of quests that are unique and more interesting than vanilla Oblivion, new dungeons, fights with gods and men, and is all around probably one of the most fun 'games' I've played in ages.

Back to the question: 
What are YOU more excited for?   My vote goes to Skrim.


  1. I'm way more excited about Skyrim, I put at least 100 hours into Morrowind and 200 into Oblivion. But Blizzard always makes good games, I loved Warcraft and Diablo 2 but the ElderScrolls franchise is just so amazing.

  2. Both of these games are gonna be amazing! I can't wait!

  3. i'm more excited about skyrim but both look awesome. i'm just more of a fan of the elder scrolls line personally.

  4. I'd have to say Sky, but that's not fair making me choose! I've played D1 & 2+LOD, so I'm going to have to get D3 no matter what. Loved those games.

  5. I think there are now more Elder Scrolls fans than Diablo.

    then again WoW is so popular.

    then again WoW players hardly do anything else but WoW.

  6. i was such a huge fan of daiblo 2, havent tried this one tough, thx for share

  7. I'd go for Skyrim but Oblivion disappointed me too much after the awesome Morrowind.

    So it'll be Diablo III !

  8. i cant wait!!! haha

  9. I've been waiting for Diablo III to come out for so long I can hardly believe it's actually happening.

  10. both sound up to be great games but i think diablo will be better

  11. im def looking forward to d3

  12. Can't wait man. FOllowed

  13. My vote goes to Skyrim. Definitely waiting for this game. Thank you for sharing! Will follow :)

  14. dude I cannot wait for D3 should be sick with tons of people hell yes